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Welcome to our website. Our names are Jerry Smith and Elaine French, and we are long time vegans. We designed the vegan weight loss recipes for a health spa in St. George, Utah. Thousands of spa guests lost weight by following our diet and exercise plan. If you don't have the time or money to visit a spa, we can teach you the basic steps to get great results at home.
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Have you discovered that most weight loss diets don't work? People cut calories and lose some weight. They feel tired and crabby.

They crave food. They finally pig out on every food in the house. They gain back all the weight plus a few pounds.

They feel rotten because they didn't have enough will power to stick with the diet.

What if you could avoid ever going through that cycle again?

What if you could eat until you were full without counting calories?

What if you could be healthy and full of energy?

Would you be willing to make some permanent lifestyle changes to achieve permanent weight loss?

Would it be worth it?

At the spa, most of the guests were not vegans when they arrived. Some of them didn't even know what a vegan diet was. When they learned they would be eating only plant foods, some were afraid they would not get enough protein. Others did not want to eat any carbohydrates. But everyone had paid good money for the program and they wanted results.

They ate the food. In fact, they ate large portions of the food. And they still lost weight without cravings or fatigue. After a few days of walking in the fresh air, people felt wonderful. They looked better and they had plenty of energy. Some of them hiked for miles.

The diet produced other exciting results. Allergies got better. Cholesterol levels and triglycerides came down. Blood sugar levels stabilized. Many diabetics were able to reduce or stop their medications. People were so happy with their improved health.

We cooked for the spa for five years. Thousands of people ate our food during that time. We have now retired from working long hours in a commercial kitchen, but we still want to help people. We will teach you how to plan your menu, some special cooking techniques to increase weight loss, and the best exercises for weight loss.

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We owned a vegan restaurant. We created the menu and the meals for a weight loss spa. We love teaching people the basics of a vegan weight loss plan.
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