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Compare the Calories in Beans and
other Legumes with this Chart

We used the USDA Nutrition Database to calculate the calories in beans, peas, and lentils for the chart below. We ignored items made with processed soy. We included traditional soy products like tofu and tempeh. We were amazed at how many different legumes and legume products we found. We are big bean lovers, but a few types of beans were totally new to us.

Christmas limas
  These beautiful beans are Christmas limas

You will see that most beans' calorie content falls in the range of 30 - 40 calories per ounce, which is fine for our vegan weight loss plan.

Chickpeas (garbanzos) are a tad bit higher because they contain a little more natural fat.

Soy bean calories are even higher because they are about 40% fat, and that increases their calorie density.

Peanuts are also legumes, but their nutrition profile is  more like that of nuts. Their calorie density is off the charts: 166 calories per ounce of dry roasted peanuts.

The calories in beans and other legumes

In the chart below, the calorie density numbers are for mature dried beans, cooked in water until tender. Canned beans would have a similar calorie density. Sprouted beans (not listed here) would have a lower calorie density because they contain less starch and more water. For an explanation of calorie density, see this information on the calorie content of foods.

Legume Product
per Ounce
Legume Product
per Ounce
tofu, soft17kidney beans36
tofu, firm20lima beans, baby36
okara22black beans37
tofu, regular22french beans37
green peas24cranberry (roman)39
mung beans30white beans, large39
mungo beans30white, small (navy)40
broadbeans (fava)31pinto beans41
cowpeas (blackeyes)33yellow beans41
great northern33pink beans42
hyacinth beans33winged beans42
lentils33chickpeas (garbanzos)46
lima beans, large33soy beans, cooked49
mothbeans33soy tempeh55
split peas33miso56
yardlong beans33natto60
lupins34peanuts, boiled90
pigeon peas34soy beans, dry roasted128
adzuki beans36peanuts, dry roasted166

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