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There are so many kinds of soy milk.
Which ones are best for weight loss?

Let's look at the labels on a few kinds of soy milk. Once you have an idea of what to look for, you can evaluate the brands available in your market.
For weight loss, it is best to use non-dairy milks only to moisten your breakfast cereal. Just drink water, tea, or other natural no-calorie beverages. Here is a basic lesson on how to analyze nutrition labels.

Organic WestSoy Lite

lite soy milk

This milk is made from organic soybeans. We can't tell anything from the front of the box except the fact that it is organic. All of the essential information is on the back of the package.

lite soy milk nutrition facts
  • We see from the
    Nutrition Facts label that this milk is 29% fat (20/70.) That meets government guidelines but it's really not good enough. We would like to see 10% fat.

  • There are 95 mgs sodium in a 70-calorie portion. That is a bit high. The ideal would be 70 mg or less.

  • There is less than 1 g of fiber in a serving.

lite soy milk ingredients
Now we check the list of ingredients. There are a few things here that we would like to avoid, like:
  • dehydrated cane juice (sugar)
  • salt
  • carrageenan
  • vitamin A palmitate

Tricalcium phosphate is a mineral that they add to low fat milk substitutes to make the milk look "white". It also increases the calcium content to make it closer to that of cows' milk. It may not be harmful, but it is not really necessary. We would prefer to get our calcium from leafy greens and other whole foods. A little vitamin B12 would be nice though.....

Maybe we can find a product that better meets our needs. Here are more details about what to look for and what to avoid in a milk substitute.

WestSoy Low Fat

low fat soy milk

We don't have any commercial tie to WestSoy. It just happens that all of the soy milk photos we have right now are of their products. This package looks quite similar to the previous one, so maybe one of them has replaced the other.

That is not important. We just want to examine a few labels to see what ingredients we find in these products.

low fat soy milk label

  • The Nutrition Facts for this product show us that it is 17% fat (90/15.) That is closer to our ideal of 10% fat.

  • There are 90 mg of sodium in a 90-calorie portion. Perfect.

  • A serving contains 2 g of fiber. So far so good.

low fat soy milk ingredients
On the ingredient list we find:
  • extracts of corn and malted barley (sweeteners)
  • tricalcium phosphate
  • salt
  • Vitamin A palmitate

This product is lower in fat and sodium, but it still contains some ingredients we want to avoid. Let's give WestSoy one more chance.

WestSoy Organic Unsweetened

soy milk

This product is unsweetened. Maybe it has some other good qualities too. 

soy milk label

  • This soy milk is 44% fat. That is a very high percentage. Wow.

  • It contains only 30 mg sodium in a 90-calorie portion. Terrific.

  • A serving has 4 g fiber. Excellent for a liquid.

soy milk ingredients
The ingredient list couldn't be any simpler than this. Soybeans are naturally 44% fat. That is the reason the milk is high in fat.

Notice that one cup of this unsweetened soy milk has a similar calorie count to one cup of the other two products. The others get some calories from sweeteners, which contain no nutrition. This product gets all of its calories from whole soybeans. We would feel OK using small amounts of this on cereal or in sauces. We certainly would not drink it as a beverage.

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