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Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes:
Healthy, Low Fat, and Delicious

We created these vegan Thanksgiving recipes with no added fat, and we sweetened the desserts with fruit. This is the way we always cook, and we love the light clean flavor of this meal. Food doesn't have to be greasy to taste good. And if we want to splurge for the holiday, we will have room for some eggless nog, or for some coconut ice cream with our pie.  

Vegans enjoy Thanksgiving as much as anyone does. They just prefer not to sacrifice a turkey for the celebration.

We love vegan Thanksgiving potlucks, and we attend two or three of them every year. :-)

We bring a couple of these dishes to every holiday potluck, and many of our friends use these vegan Thanksgiving recipes too.

The most recent addition to the menu was the Mince Pie, which got rave reviews.

Thanksgiving Breakfast/Brunch

On holiday mornings, we like to have scones, our butter substitute, and fresh fruit.
Scone Recipe. These hearty whole wheat scones are low in fat but not in flavor. We like to make them for breakfast/brunch on holiday mornings.
Butter Substitute. A perfect low calorie match for our delicious scones. Made of millet, carrots, and cashews and thickened with agar.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Vegetarian Meatloaf. This is a rare meatless loaf that contains no beans. It has a rich meaty taste and is very filling.
Vegetarian Gravy. An interesting recipe made of garbanzo flour, water, and seasonings. Meat-eaters tell us it tastes just like turkey gravy.
Wild Rice Stuffing. You don't have to stuff this elegant dish into anything to enjoy it. Just savor the exotic taste of dried cherries and mushrooms.
Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe. With just two ingredients, sweet potatoes and pineapple, this holiday recipe is yummy but low in calories.
Kale Salad. This gorgeous salad is festive and delicious. The deep green of the kale sparkles with red pomegranate seeds and cooked quinoa. 
Cranberry Orange Relish. The perfect condiment to make a holiday meal complete. We even like this tangy topping with our pumpkin pie.
Vegan Pumpkin Pie. This wonderful pie contains pumpkin but no tofu. It has a rich sweet taste, although it is sugar-free.
Mince Pie Recipe. This delicious pie is full of apples, oranges, raisins, dates, and sweet spices. It is sugar-free and super healthy. Yum!
Chocolate Pie Recipe. This amazing pie is the healthiest holiday dessert you will ever find. The rich chocolate flavor covers tofu, dates, and fruit.

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