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Consider Becoming a Vegan
You Can Make A Difference

Some people think that becoming a vegan is crazy. They love the taste of meat and cheese. They say they will never stop eating animal products. Anyone who has been a vegan for even a short time has met such people.
Yet other people read a book, watch a video, or hear a vegan lecture and they become vegan overnight. Why do they change?

Why vegan?

People become vegan for various reasons. There are four common reasons that people adopt a vegan lifestyle:

  • 1. Health problems:

    Saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein from animal flesh make us fat and sick. Animal foods increase our risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other health problems. The healthiest and slimmest people on the planet base their diets on plants.

  • 2. Environmental concerns:

    Apart from losing weight, did you know that adopting a vegan diet will also help the environment? You can save more greenhouse gases by going green with food than by switching to a hybrid car. Learn the details and more surprising facts here:

    As you can see, animal agriculture is a dirty business. Animal waste accumulates in giant mounds and toxic "lagoons" on factory farms. It poisons the ground water. When it rains, the waste runs into streams and rivers.

    Methane from cows contributes more to global warming than the CO2 from the entire transportation industry.

    Humans are stripping the oceans of fish and other sea animals. The ocean is becoming a barren wasteland. Half of the ocean fish catch is actually fed to animals on factory farms. Farmed fish are treated with antibiotics to keep them healthy. The concentrated fish waste and antibiotics then pollute the ocean water.

    Becoming a vegan might motivate you to make other changes to help the environment. Buy local produce. Ride a bike, take public transport, or drive a hybrid vehicle. This green living site describes how to manage a compost pile. It also discusses recycling and organic gardening. Do whatever you can. The earth thanks you.

  • 3. Animal compassion:
    Every adult knows that when humans eat meat, someone had to kill the animal. Meat eaters say that's OK; animals are here for us to eat. Vegans think differently.

    Nearly all people try to hide the fact of animal slaughter from their children. Subconsciously, they must know it is wrong to kill animals for food.......but they just don't want to think about it.

    Most food animals live miserable lives on factory farms. They endure crowded, filthy, noisy conditions that no human would tolerate. They are artificially inseminated. Their babies are often removed from them at birth. Farmers feed them unnatural foods that make them sick. They are slaughtered under conditions of pain and terror.
  • 4. Religious beliefs:
    monks in Rangoon

    Several major religions teach that humans should not eat animals.

    The scriptures of Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and Seventh Day Adventists all advocate a vegetarian diet. The LDS (Mormon) Words of Wisdom do too, although most Mormons ignore the teachings.

How to do it

For some people, becoming a vegan is a gradual process. First they give up red meat, then poultry, then fish, then eggs and dairy products. Over the years they gradually quit wearing leather, wool, and silk. They eventually find cruelty-free substitutes for their cosmetics and cleaning products.

Other people jump into the vegan lifestlye with both feet and never look back. Choose the method that works for you. It is important to educate yourself and be consistent. Don't preach. Just be an example of positive energy and good health. Someone once said "setting a good example is not the best way to influence people....it's the only way."

People who adopt a vegan lifestyle are independent thinkers. They are not afraid to be different. They are often intelligent and thoughtful people who prefer to be leaders, not followers. Once you are a vegan, you will feel a strong bond with other vegans. This bond transcends differences of age, race, religion, and nationality. It is a warm and wonderful feeling. Enjoy it.

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