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Weight Loss Motivation Tips

No motivation to lose weight? We have some weight loss motivation tips that will help. Being overweight can sap your energy and make everything seem harder. If you try to lose weight by counting calories, you will be hungry all the time and you will have even less energy. It is hard to get motivated to go through that kind of torture, isn't it?

Our vegan weight loss plan is different.

You don't have to measure portions or count calories.

The best part is that you can and should eat until you are satisfied.

You just have to eat the right foods and avoid the wrong ones. 

What motivates you?

There are a lot of good reasons to lose weight. Some common sources of motivation are:
  • Embarrassment about your appearance
  • Job discrimination
  • Social discrimination
  • Pressure from family members
  • Difficulty in finding clothes
  • Fatigue, discomfort, and health problems

Are you mainly motivated by these personal and health issues? If you don't know much about the compassionate and environmental reasons to be a vegan, open your mind and learn about them. That will give you some extra motivation. 

On the other hand, maybe you are an overweight vegan who is motivated only by:

  • Compassion for animals
  • Concern for the environment
You may be projecting a negative image of vegans as you graze on french fries and vegan candy. Which of your friends will want to be a vegan if they see that you are overweight and have no energy? Educate yourself about nutrition and exercise. Set a good example as a healthy vegan and you will lose weight too.

How to get started

 Let's face facts: it makes no sense to go on a diet, lose weight, and then go back to your old eating habits. You will just gain all the weight back again. Instead, we suggest that you change your habits for good.

Do you have a strong attachment to your bad habits? All the weight loss motivation tips in the world can't help unless you are ready to change. First, just read this summary of how to break bad habits, and see if you are at the right stage to make a change.

Next, get a notebook to use for a weight loss journal. Many of our weight loss motivation tips have more power if you write them down.

As you go through the stages of changing your lifestyle, begin setting smart goals. Write them in your weight loss journal. A smart goal is:
  • Measurable: it contains a number.

  • Realistic: your subconscious mind believes you can reach it.

  • A present tense statement: as if you have already achieved it.
After you work through these first few weight loss motivation tips, the next step is to write down some weight loss affirmations. Affirmations are words that you say out loud to yourself. Say them to yourself in the mirror, or in the car while you are driving. Say them with enthusiasm and emotion so your subconscious gets the message loud and clear:
  • "I eat a lot of vegetables. They are my favorite foods."

  • "I feel so healthy. I love my healthy vegan diet."

  • "I enjoy going for my walk every day."

Weight loss research

There is a lot of interesting research on obesity and weight loss. A vegan diet with a low calorie density always turns out to be the best diet for weight loss. Here are some weight loss facts that are based on research. Study them to learn a few more weight loss motivation tips that you may not know about. 

Be motivated by health

Instead of looking for weight loss motivation tips, think about dietary changes this way: you are learning a healthy eating habit that will lower your disease risk for years to come. On a healthy vegan diet, your eyes will be bright and your skin clear. Your brain will function better and your mood will improve. You will set a glowing example for your friends and family.

There are many keys to a healthy lifestyle. A low fat vegan diet and a daily exercise plan are two biggies. But take inventory of the rest of your life:
  • Are you drinking alcohol?
  • Dependent on caffeine?
  • Using drugs, legal or illegal?
  • Are you working too hard?
  • Not getting enough sleep?
  • Do you get some fresh air and sunshine every day?
Aim for optimal physical health!

Mental health is important too. If you have emotional issues with eating, investigate the Emotional Freedom Technique, which is a form of alternative psychology. It involves tapping on acupressure points. It sounds strange, but a respected friend who is a social worker used it on both of us with good results.

Look for a health professional who does EFT tapping. This method can help you eliminate harmful emotions that destroy your motivation for weight loss.

Vegan diet books

Learn about weight loss and the vegan diet. These are the vegan cookbooks we recommend for weight loss recipes.

We especially like the RAVE Diet book and the Eating DVD
, both by Mike Anderson.
You may also want to get some of the following vegan diet books and DVDs. A few of them are out of print; you can find them in the library or buy them used on Amazon. Here are our favorites:

Breaking the Food Seduction by Neal Barnard, MD. This book offers many weight loss motivation tips from the presidant of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Turn Off the Fat Genes by Neal Barnard, MD

Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight by Neal Barnard, MD

Carbophobia by Michael Greger, MD. 

Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, MD

The Perfect Formula Diet by Janice Stanger, Ph.D.

Calorie Density (DVD) by Jeff Novick, RD. This DVD is hilarious! Jeff Novick is not only a registered dietitian but a comedian. He gives you weight loss motivation tips along with some good laughs.

Vegetarian magazines and conferences

We have found that vegetarian magazines tend to have rich recipes that contain lots of oil, sugar, flour, and too many nuts. Years ago, we subscribed to Vegetarian Times, but now it seems to cater more to semi-vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They publish a few weight loss motivation tips, but not many. Save your money.

However, we do like VegNews just because it keeps us connected to the vegan community. 

For the ultimate educational experience, attend a vegetarian conference:

The International Vegetarian Union (IVU) holds conferences in various countries.

The North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) hosts a fabulous five day Summerfest every year in Johnstown, PA. There are dozens of lectures, cooking classes, and social activities. Summerfest is not only educational but also lots of fun.

VegSource has held some excellent conferences in Los Angeles over the past few years. We hope they are able to continue the tradition. They create DVDs of their speakers and package them together each year. If you can't attend their conference, buy one or more of the DVD sets.

The vegan lifestyle

There are many other vegetarian and vegan resources available. Take advantage of them, especially the vegetarian groups. This is where you will find friends who eat the same way you do.

It is easier to stay on a vegan weight loss diet if you avoid eating in restaurants. Instead, socialize with friends by taking turns hosting low fat vegan potluck dinners. The dinners don't have to be fancy. Sometimes we have last minute potlucks where we just bring whatever leftovers are in the fridge. Interesting combinations...........  :-)

The important thing is to get together with your friends. Have fun, exchange recipes, share weight loss motivation tips. Collect potluck ideas for birthdays, holidays, and different seasons of the year.

One American holiday that is often weird for vegans is Thanksgiving. We have a great vegan Thanksgiving dinner every year. We cook a Tofurky for our non-vegan friends and they rave about it. Sometimes we make a lentil loaf instead. It is easy to find vegan recipes for mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. 

We hope all of these weight loss motivation tips help you stay on a healthy vegan diet. Remember, you are not alone. There are millions of vegans on the planet now, with more people changing their diets every day. There are hundreds of famous vegans, including actors, musicians, authors, and philosophers. You are in good company.

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