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Do you want to lose weight? Learn the truth about these popular vegan foods. 

It is great to see so many new vegan foods in natural food stores and grocery stores. Which ones can we eat every day and still lose weight? Which ones should be saved for special occasions?

Cereal and milk

oatmeal and berries
Cereal is a common breakfast for Americans, especially on busy work days. Many cereals are vegan, and some are even low in fat. This is how we choose a healthy cereal that is also good for weight loss.

If you cook your hot cereal with enough water, you can eat it without milk. You will probably want milk for your cold cereal. These are the things we look for in a milk substitute.

Soy milk is the most well known of the non-dairy milks. You can find it in most grocery stores and even by the case in big box stores. Is there a healthy soy milk that will help us lose weight?

Rice milk has been around for a long time too. People who have soy allergies often use rice milk instead. Here we analyze two different brands of rice milk.

Almond milk is popular because it has such a creamy taste. Is almond milk a good choice?

Oat milk is less common. We look at one brand of oat milk here. Maybe you can find a different one in your area.

Hemp seeds have a good ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats. Here is the nutrition information on the hemp milk we found

Other dairy substitutes

There are many vegan foods that mimic dairy products and eggs. Many of them are highly processed and should be avoided.

Some vegans like to eat soy yogurt with their breakfast or lunch. We discovered a few surprising facts about the ingredients in soy yogurt.

Vegans are always looking for the perfect cheese substitute. Here we compare a few popular brands of soy cheese.

For people who can't eat soy, Daiya is a wildly popular nondairy cheese.
Is Daiya healthy, and is it fattening?

We also analyzed two different vegan products looking for a mayonnaise substitute that was not fattening.

You can eat fresh fruit for dessert most of the time, but do you sometimes get a craving for ice cream? Stay away from real ice cream, that nasty saturated-fat-and-cholesterol-laden-junk. We compared the ingredients in three brands of soy ice cream. We also found two low fat frozen desserts that will work as vegan ice cream for our weight loss plan.

Meat substitutes and veggie burgers

Meat substitutes are popular vegan foods with many people. Most of them contain isolated soy protein, which we should avoid. Many are also high in fat and/or sodium. Try making your own Black Bean Burgers from this recipe.

Some vegan recipes call for seitan, also known as gluten. It is made from the protein in wheat. Check the label to see if it contains added oil.

You can use tofu as a meat substitute in some recipes. It has a better texture if you press it between 2 cutting boards to remove some of the liquid. Marinate or serve with a sauce.


Before you buy bread, read our discussion about vegan bread and weight loss. You may want to omit bread from your diet until you get down to a normal weight.

The best weight loss foods

As we have shown, many packaged foods have a high calorie density and others contain unhealthy ingredients. Here are some suggestions for buying healthy weight loss food.

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