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Mayonnaise is not Vegan and it is Fattening. Is there a Good Mayonnaise Substitute?

If we want to lose weight, we have to find a decent low fat mayonnaise substitute. Classic mayonnaise is 70 - 80% fat. It is made of egg yolks and vegetable oil, with a little vinegar and salt. But there are some vegan products. Let's compare them. If you get lost during our discussion, here is a brief course in how to read nutrition labels.


Thousands of vegans agree that Vegenaise is delicious. It tastes just like mayonnaise on sandwiches, potato salad, and in many other dishes. But what will it do for our weight loss plan?

For the answer, we need to read the Nutrition Facts label:

This product is clearly not good for weight loss. Is it even healthy? Let's Vegenaise ingredientslook at the ingredients:

  • Oil is the first ingredient, just as with traditional mayonnaise. Canola oil contains omega 3 fats, but it is not a whole food. Flaxseed or walnuts are better sources of omega 3's.

  • Brown rice syrup is a type of sugar. It is OK in small quantities. The oil is much worse.

  • Soy protein is isolated soy protein, which we try to avoid. It would have been healthier to use whole soybeans or tofu instead of oil and isolated soy protein.

  • The other ingredients look fine.
We can understand why many vegans love this product. At least it does not contain chemicals, "natural flavors", and other junk. But we need a mayonnaise substitute that will be safe for our weight loss program.

Fat Free Nayonnaise

Fat Free Nayonnaise

This product is made by Nasoya. They also have a version that contains oil. Let's see if this one passes our tests.

The Nutrition Facts label is a little hard to read. We will translate parts of it for you:

  • Fat Free Nayonnaise labelThere are 10 calories in 1 Tbsp and 0 calories from fat. That sounds terrific, at least for now.

  • There are 100 mgs of sodium in a 10-calorie serving. Yikes. That is ten times as much sodium as we want.

  • The calorie density is 10/15, or .67 calories per gram. That is the same as 19 calories per ounce. That is a nice low calorie density.

  • A serving contains no fiber.
Except for the high sodium level, this product seems pretty good so far. It is time to look at the list of ingredients:

Fat Free Nayonnaise ingredients

  • The first ingredient is soy milk. But when we analyzed soy milk, we found it was about 44% fat.

  • How can the company claim that this mayonnaise substitute is "fat-free"? Because if there is 0.5 g of fat or less in a serving, they can round the fat grams down to zero. Let's assume that 1 Tbsp actually contains 0.5 g of fat. A half gram of fat has 4.5 calories. So 4.5 calories out of 10 would make this product 45% fat.

  • Dehydrated cane juice is sugar. The label says there is 1 gram of sugar in a serving, and 2 grams of carbohydrate. A gram of any pure carbohydrate is 4 calories. So 40% of the calories come from sugar and another 40% from the carbs in the soy milk and cornstarch. The fat and protein in the soymilk make up the remaining 20% of calories.

  • The other ingredients seem fine, and they don't contribute many calories to the product. We are always suspicious of "natural flavor", which could be almost anything.

So what conclusion can we reach about this product? It is truly low in fat, perhaps in the range of 10 -15% of calories. It is 40% sugar, but the sodium level is our biggest concern. If you have a food processor, use our easy Tofu Mayonnaise recipe to make a better mayo substitute. It works fine for sandwiches, potato salad, and creamy dips.

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