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The Basics of a Vegan Diet Plan
What to Eat for Weight Loss and Super Health

Are you curious about a vegan diet plan but you don't know know how to begin?
What foods should you eat and what should you avoid?
Do you worry about getting all of your essential nutrients? What about protein? Calcium? Iron? Do you need to take any supplements?
Can your children eat the same foods you do?

Vegan basics

Before we talk about specific foods, let's talk about definitions. Here is the official answer to the common question, "What is a vegan?" Once you read the definition, you might wonder why people decide to become vegans. Several different issues might influence a person into becoming a vegan. Every vegan follows his/her own path to this lifestyle. See the Eating DVD and RAVE Diet book to learn more.

We have been vegans for a long time. We totally support all reasons for veganism, and we know each reason is worthy of its own website. Since we need to narrow our focus to do justice to a topic, on this website we focus on the vegan diet and its value for weight loss.

Overweight vegans

A lousy vegan diet can make you fat and sick....just like the typical meat eater. How can a vegan be overweight? One way is by eating vegan donuts. Donuts are fattening whether they contain animal products or not. The same goes for vegan candy, vegan junk food and vegan fast food.

Ronalds Donuts
Vegan donuts, guaranteed to make you fat!

Wean yourself off this kind of stuff by telling yourself it is not really food. Pretend it is dog food, or that it is made of plastic. Are you serious about losing weight? Then it is not enough to go on a vegan diet. You must use a low fat vegan diet like this one. Follow our instructions carefully. You will eat until you are satisfied and still lose weight. You don't have to count calories. 

Did you read our information about a low fat vegan diet? Were you surprised to learn that all vegetables contain fat? See this page to understand why a fat free diet is hardly possible, and why it is definitely not healthy.

Perhaps you are a visual person. If you don't have time to read everything on our website, watch this excellent one hour video where we describe the best weight loss plan we know.

Maybe you just want to know which foods to eat, which foods to avoid, and how much exercise to get. Here is a brief summary of our complete vegan weight loss plan.

What do healthy vegans eat?

If you are afraid that you will have to live on salads for the rest of your life, never fear. There are five food categories in our vegan nutrition plan, with hundreds of delicious natural foods. There are a few extra foods and supplements that vegan nutrition professionals recommend. Take the time to learn about them and you will always be a healthy vegan. 

It is fun and easy to create a good vegan diet plan. Most of the foods you eat will be whole plant foods. When you see packaged foods that look interesting, how do you know if they are healthy weight loss foods? You read their Nutrition Facts. Here are the four steps we follow to analyze all nutrition labels. Study the steps and practice them. You will never be fooled by the food companies again.

Where do we get our protein?

When you begin following a vegan diet plan, this is the first question that everyone asks. The meat industry has done a great job of convincing us that flesh foods are the best and only source of protein. But don't you believe it. On a healthy vegan diet plan the sources of protein are as varied as the sources of calories.

One great vegan protein source is legumes, which include beans, peas, and lentils. They are perfect weight loss foods...high fiber, low fat, and loaded with nutrients. Here are the rest of the vegan protein foods. You will be amazed at how many there are!

garbanzo beans20Garbanzo beans are high in protein and they have a rich, buttery taste. Add them to salads or make a bean dip out of them.

But don't we need dairy products for calcium?

The dairy industry wants us to believe that milk products are the only source of calcium. But there are places in the world where people don't even have cows, so of course they don't have dairy products. People in these societies get their calcium from plants. When you think about it, that is where the cow gets it too! Dark leafy greens are a terrific source of calcium on a vegan diet plan.

steamed kale
Our favorite greens are kale and collard greens. We could eat steamed kale every day! Some people use a dehydrater to make kale chips for snacks, but most of the recipes include oil, which is not a healthy food. We did find a recipe for kale chips that uses nuts instead of oil. You might want to try it as a treat, although it does have a high calorie density because of the nuts.

Are you worried about keeping your bones strong if you follow a vegan diet plan? The most important thing you can do is get some weight-bearing exercise every day. Also, be sure to read this important information about the best sources of vegan vitamin D. Vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis, but it is important for many other reasons.

Can we feed children a vegan diet?

There are millions of healthy vegan children in the world. However, infants and toddlers need a different vegan diet plan than older vegan children. These are the details. Raise your children on a vegan diet. They will have a health advantage that will last their entire lives. What better gift could you give them?

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