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Watch Your Vegan Children as They
Grow Up Strong and Healthy

A woman can prepare to raise healthy vegan children before she even conceives. Studies show that healthy mothers produce the healthiest babies. 

Disease Proof Your Child

As early as possible, read Disease-Proof Your Child by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
This is the best book! It will answer every question you have about raising vegan children. Buy your own copy. You will refer to it often as your children grow.
Disease Proof Your Child

Becoming Vegan
by Davis and Melina has an excellent chapter on nutrition for children.

We also like the book Pregnancy, Children, and the Vegan Diet by Michael Klaper, M.D. However, it was written in 1987 and is a little out of date.

Here are more book suggestions and tons of info on raising vegan children.

Prepare for pregnancy and birth

Eat high nutrient plant foods during the year before you get pregnant.  Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and beans from every color of the rainbow. This will saturate your tissues with antioxidants and other healthy phytonutrients. Continue to eat this way when you are expecting.

Once your baby is born, breast feed for as long as possible, ideally a year or more. Be sure to read our section about vegan nutrition and supplements. It is even more important when you are pregnant and while breast feeding. Take an algae-source DHA supplement.

A low fat vegan diet will help you lose your pregnancy weight. This is the perfect long-term diet for your entire family. However, do not use a low fat diet for children under two.

Feeding a vegan toddler

Maika eating

  • During and after weaning, toddlers need a high fat diet for the growth of their brain and nervous systems. Give them full fat soy milk and avocado. Blend flax seeds, nuts, and nut butters in fruit smoothies.

  • Toddlers need protein because they are growing fast. Give them cooked grains, beans and tofu. Don't let them fill up on fruit or fruit juice. Fruits are too low in protein.

  • Toddlers need calories because they are using lots of energy. But their stomachs are small and can't hold much food. Give them foods that are more dense in calories, like bread, whole wheat noodles, and starchy root vegetables. Cook most of their vegetables. Don't give them too many low calorie veggies. Feed them often.

  • Take your toddler out in the sun for 5 or 10 minutes a day if possible. Make sure your little vegans get low doses of the same supplements that you take. You can mix them in smoothies. 

  • After the age of two, your children should eat the same low fat food that you eat. This will ensure that they do not join the growing numbers of obese children.

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