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Vegan Cooking:
Do It Right and Lose Weight

Our restaurant was unusual. We used a vegan cooking style that you seldom see in a restaurant. The food we made had to be low in calories. We sold half of the food we made to a weight loss spa. We used natural low fat ingredients and special cooking methods. You don't have to spend money going to a spa. You can lose weight at home.

Groceries for weight loss

The first step in vegan weight loss cooking is to stock your kitchen with the right foods. Some people worry that it will be too expensive to buy fresh produce. Never fear, there are many ways to keep food costs low. Here are some shopping tips and a list of ingredients to keep on hand to make simple vegan weight loss food.

Most home cooks and nearly every restaurant chef add oil or another fat when cooking vegan food. Many vegans also use a heavy hand when it comes to Vegenaise, vegan margarine, vegan cheese, nuts, avocado, and olive oil. For effective weight loss, we need to get rid of extra calories in our food. We do that by using these fat free cooking techniques.

If you need a substitute for eggs, there are many good ones available. Here are several options and some tips to help you choose the right vegan egg substitute.

scale with onion

We created our recipes in a commercial kitchen. We weigh many of the ingredients instead of using measuring cups. We love cooking with a digital kitchen scale and you will too once you learn these few simple steps. 

Healthy vegan food preparation is not difficult. The best part is, you will lose weight without dieting. Your tastes will soon adjust to the low fat vegan foods.

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