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The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle

We have shared the RAVE Diet & Lifestyle book and Eating DVD with hundreds of people over the past ten years. Eating is one of the best vegan diet videos we have ever seen. It ranks right up there with Diet for a New America and Forks Over Knives. The book contains lots of great recipes, plus more content and documentation for the nutrition video.

Our Experience

Rave DietWhen customers ate in our restaurant, they often asked us why we followed a vegan diet. We were so busy working, we seldom had enough time to do justice to the topic.

Finally, we started buying 20 copies of the RAVE book at a time, and making them available for people to buy. They would come the next day, impressed, saying that now they understood.

Mike Anderson is a well-respected health researcher. He has produced just a few books and DVDs, but they are all interesting and scientifically accurate. We recommend them highly.

Here is a link to Mike Anderson's website. He sells the RAVE book and Eating DVD as a set, or separately. You can also buy Eating in large quantities nearly at cost. One of our friends was so impressed by this video that he bought 1000 copies and gave them to everyone he knew. If you have never seen it, you are missing something special.

Eating is a great way to introduce people to a healthy vegan diet. It covers just enough information about animals and the environment to make the point, but not enough to turn people off. Mike's book and DVD on Healing Cancer from the Inside Out are also terrific. They contain some shocking information about the war on cancer.

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