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Some people are allergic to soy. Rice milk is a substitute that many people like.

For effective weight loss, you don't want to drink rice milk or any other beverage that contains calories. Just drink water, tea, or maybe a coffee substitute like Teeccino.

Let's look at two brands of rice milk to see if they are healthy and low enough in fat for our breakfast cereal. Here are the basic steps we follow in reading all nutrition labels.

Good Karma Organic Ricemilk

rice milk 2

This front of this carton says that the product is made from whole grain brown rice. Because we are smart label readers, we will ignore the front of the carton and go straight to the Nutrition Facts.

rice milk 2 label
  • Good Karma milk contains 20 fat calories in a serving of 120 calories. It is 17% fat. That is pretty good. We like to see a weight loss product around 10% fat.

  • The sodium content is a bit higher than we want: 150 mg in 120 calories. The ideal would be 120 mg or less, the same as the calories.

  • There is a tiny bit of dietary fiber, but only 0.4 g in a serving. We would prefer to see 3 or 4 grams. Maybe the ingredient list will tell us more.

rice milk 2 ingredients
This product contains a number of things we want to avoid:
  • brown rice syrup (a sugar)
  • oil
  • carrageenan
  • vitamin A palmitate
  • natural flavor, not defined
  • some other vitamins and minerals that are unnecessary if we eat whole plant foods
See this page about choosing a milk substitute for the reasons to avoid these ingredients and what we look for.  We appreciate the added B12, but this isn't the product we want. Let's see if we can find a better one.

Original Classic Rice Dream

rice milk

Rice Dream is a company that has been around for quite a while. Maybe their "original classic" product is what we are looking for.

rice milk label

  • How is the fat content? It is 17% fat, the same as the Good Karma milk.

  • There are 100 mgs of sodium in a 120-calorie serving. Anything up to 120 is fine. Good.

  • A serving of this rice milk contains no fiber.  Let's look at the ingredient list and see what is in this milk.

rice milk ingredients
The ingredient list is interesting. Partially milled brown rice means it was partly refined. Most of the bran and germ is gone. That explains why the milk contains no fiber at all.

Unfortunately, this milk also contains oil. Brown rice is naturally 6 1/2% fat. That is quite low compared to soybeans and nuts. For this reason, blended brown rice produces a thin milk and not a rich creamy one. The manufacturer added the oil to improve the "mouth feel."

Too bad. If the company had used whole brown rice there would be some fiber in the product. To make it creamy, they could have blended in a few raw almonds or cashews instead of the oil. That would have added both fiber and natural fat. Oh well, we can easily make our own using this simple rice milk recipe or rice-cashew milk recipe.  

Keep reading labels and maybe some day you will find a perfect low fat non-dairy milk. If you are not allergic to soy, here is an unsweetened soy milk that is simple and healthy, although kind of high in fat.

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