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Do you want to get results? Learn the true causes of high cholesterol

Most people think they know the causes of high cholesterol. Are you one of them? You believe in moderation. You cut back on beef and pork. You still have high cholesterol. Your doctor says your problem is hereditary. He puts you on a statin drug. The truth is, the cause of your high cholesterol is probably not hereditary. The cause is moderation.

Moderation kills

People love the idea of moderation. Moderation in many of our habits leads to a well-balanced life. But what about moderation in smoking? Or moderation in heroin use? People who smoke or use heroin take great pleasure in their use. But we don't believe in moderation in those activities. We know cigarettes and heroin are addictive and do us harm.

Many foods and beverages are also addictive and do us harm. But the food industries hide the facts about these products with false advertising. They want us to believe in moderation. The truth is, many foods are harmful and should not be part of our diet at all. They may give us short term pleasure, but in the long term they cause disease and disability.
raw steak

Our list of high cholesterol foods is a real eye-opener for a lot of people. When you study the list, you will clearly understand just one of the causes of high cholesterol. What are the others?


Other causes of high cholesterol

  • Saturated animal fat:
    All animal foods contain saturated fat. They usually contain more than plants do, with a few exceptions. Saturated fat raises blood cholesterol levels even more than dietary cholesterol does. Beef and pork are especially bad. They are high in both cholesterol and in saturated fat.

  • Saturated plant fat: Some people think that saturated fat is only found in animal foods. Not so. Every whole plant food (and every oil extracted from plants) contains some saturated fat. The more fat we eat, from any plant or animal, the more saturated fat we take in.

    This is one reason why it makes no sense to eat olive oil or any other oil. Olive oil is 14% saturated fat. Every time you eat olive oil, you add a little more saturated fat to your diet, and you raise your cholesterol level a little bit more. Some vegans complain that they are doing everything right but they still have high cholesterol. Olive oil could be the reason.

    Keep your saturated fat intake as low as possible. Don't cook with oil. Avoid fried foods and foods that contain oil. If you must eat in restaurants, tell the chef to prepare your food without oil.

    A few plants contain large amounts of saturated fat. Beware of anything made from coconut, palm oil, palm kernel oil, and palm fruit oil.

  • Partially hydrogenated oils:
    These are man-made monsters that turn normal polyunsaturated fats into weird, unnatural saturated fats. They damage our health even more than do regular saturated fats. The hydrogenation process creates trans fats. Trans fats are one of the causes of high cholesterol. They cause many other health problems.

  • Dairy protein:
    Casein, the main protein in dairy foods, raises blood cholesterol. Skim milk and "fat free" cheeses are loaded with casein. Many soy cheeses also contain casein to make them melt. Most vegan cheese is highly processed and contains added oil. If you crave vegan cheese, look for one based on raw nuts. Consider it a special treat.

  • Refined grains:
    Fiber is important because it helps to "escort" cholesterol out of the body. Refined grains lack fiber. Eat your grains whole and intact. Avoid anything made with white flour.

  • Sugar and other sweeteners:
    Eat whole fruits most of the time instead of sugary treats. Sugar and other sweeteners contain no fiber. Use fresh fruit or dried fruit as sweeteners. 

  • A sedentary lifestyle:
    Lack of exercise is another of the causes of high cholesterol. Being sedentary leads to weight gain. Extra body fat raises cholesterol levels. Get up off the couch and go for a walk every day. Read our tips about walking for weight loss before you go.

  • Heredity:
    Heredity does affect your cholesterol level a little bit. But the condition called hypercholesterolemia is actually quite rare. In the 1980's in China, people ate mainly plants. The average blood cholesterol level was 127. Cholesterol levels ranged from 70 to 170.

    Since that time, the Chinese have added many animal foods to their diet. Their cholesterol levels and obesity rates increase every year. The Chinese can't use heredity as an excuse, and neither can other people. We must take responsibility for our own health. 

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Our main focus is on weight loss. But we know that many overweight and obese people also have high cholesterol. The great thing about a healthy vegan diet is that it will help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol levels at the same time.
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

If you have high cholesterol and/or heart disease, we highly recommend the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. He is a highly respected former surgeon from the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Esselstyn did a long term study with heart patients. His subjects were so ill that other doctors had given up on them. He put them all on a very low fat vegan diet. Every patient who followed the diet got great results.

Dr. Esselstyn actually reversed heart disease in these sick people. He also states that anyone can make themself heart attack proof. To do this, you must:
  • Keep your total blood cholesterol below 150

  • Keep your LDL below 80
Impossible? Not at all. These are numbers like those of the Chinese in the 1980's. Many vegans have similar levels. In his book, Dr. Esselstyn explains exactly how to get your numbers down that low. He describes in detail all of the causes of high cholesterol. There are many delicious recipes in the book too. This book could change your life.

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