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Choose one or more of these fat burning exercises for your daily workouts

The best fat burning exercises are aerobic exercises. They are also called cardio exercises because they exercise the heart and lungs.  Common aerobic exercises are: fast walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, stair climbing, jumping rope, dancing, and rowing.

There are some excellent machines for aerobic exercise, like treadmills and exercise bikes.

Our favorite is the elliptical machine, which is easy on the joints.

Not just for weight loss

Everyone, even people who are not overweight, should do some aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes, five times a week. Your heart is a muscle that needs exercise, and regular aerobic exercise will give you a strong heartbeat and a low, healthy heart rate. Not only are aerobic exercises good for your heart, but they are the very best fat burning exercises.

In addition to the aerobic exercise for your heart, you need to be on your feet and moving every day. See this information on walking for weight loss to learn how much total exercise you need. 

How hard do you have to exercise?

Not too slow and not too fast. If you love math, there is a formula you can use that involves measuring your heart rate as you exercise:
  • Subtract your age from 220. The number you get is approximately the maximum rate at which your heart is capable of beating.

  • Multiply that number by a certain percentage, somewhere in the range of 60% to 80%. That is your target heart rate zone. Your heart rate should be in that zone as you exercise.

Example: Suppose you are 45 years old. 220 - 45 = 175. That is your maximum heart rate. 175 x 0.6 = 105. 175 x 0.8 = 140. You should try to maintain your heart rate between 105 and 140 as you exercise.

How can you measure your heart rate while you exercise? There are a few options:
  • Wear a heart rate monitor.

  • Exercise on a treadmill or other equipment that has a heart rate monitor built in.

  • Stop your exercise briefly and immediately take your pulse for 10 seconds. Multiply by 6 to get your heart rate. (Or count for 6 seconds and multiply by 10.) You want a quick "snapshot" of your heart rate. Do not stand there and count for 60 seconds. Your heart rate will slow during that minute and your total count will be wrong.

If this all seems like a big hassle, there is an easier way. You are performing your fat burning exercises at the right intensity if you can talk while you exercise. But.... you should be breathing hard enough that you would prefer not to talk! 

Fat burning exercises for beginners

If you have been sedentary, you will find that you can easily get your heart rate into the aerobic range just by walking. Your challenge is to go slowly enough that you don't get out of breath and have to stop. As you gradually become more fit, you will have to walk a little faster to get your heart rate into the range.

If you are obese, weight-bearing exercises might be too hard on your joints. Instead of walking, take a water aerobics class. Check with your local YMCA or recreation center to find a class. Swimming is a good exercise too. Try some other fat-burning exercises. You may be able to ride an exercise bike or use an elliptical machine.
Jerry on bicycle
If you are only slightly overweight, swimming is not the your best choice of exercise. Your body will tend to hang on to extra fat as insulation against the cool water. Use any other aerobic exercise instead.

As you lose more weight and shape up, try different kinds of exercise. Step aerobics, biking, jogging, and jumping rope are all good fat-burning exercises.

Find two or three exercises that you like and alternate them. Your fitness level will improve faster if you ask your body to do something different every day. This also reduces boredom and helps you avoid overuse injuries.

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